CSI Media is a branding agency in Cheshire with over ten years’ experience in creating new brands and nurturing existing brands. We combine creative mastery with consumer insights to develop unique brands that embrace your commercial objectives, brand values, and target audience.

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Brand Identity Creation

Our brand identity creation is a comprehensive branding exercise for companies and organisations looking for a new brand identity or a major refresh. It covers market research, the design of core visual elements, tone of voice development and, if required, further design assets including email templates, business stationery, and imagery.

Logo Design

We carefully craft modern, professional corporate logo concepts for your business. Your logo is arguably your most important brand asset; it is often the first thing that people will see and is the focal visual reference. Therefore, it needs to resonate with your audience and communicate your brand values. We can either design a new logo as a standalone task or as part of a thorough brand identity creation exercise (see above).

Brand Guidelines

As part of our branding service, we create brand guidelines for you and your key stakeholders to follow. Brand guidelines document the principal rules and instructions surrounding the use of brand assets including your company logo, typography, and imagery that must be followed to achieve a congruent, consistent brand image across all touchpoints.