Ampilot is an online booking portal where people can organise stag dos, party weekends and team events. There are a range of activities - from the mild to the wild - including escape rooms, 3D mini golf, paintballing, VIP nightclub parties, and a few rather raunchy experiences!

The Challenge

Pissup Tours (Pissup) and Ampilot are operated by the same people. Pissup is a more traditional online travel agency where the website functions as a catalogue and lead generator. Experienced stag-party planners help customers to organise their bookings via phone or email. This is a very hands-on process, allowing Pissup to provide tailor-made experiences with excellent customer service.

However, following an intensive market research exercise where Pissup conducted surveys and analysed user behaviour, it transpired that many customers were looking for something else. They wanted a higher level of control, greater online customisability and more transparency, at the lowest possible price. This required a different business approach and so, Ampilot was born. The idea was that stag groups could build their own itinerary of activities via an online tool and buy directly online.

It was our job to bring this idea to life with a vibrant brand and website design. Key objectives were to engage the key demographic (stag groups) and provide an intuitive user-experience to encourage people to book. It was important that the new online booking platform would complement Pissup and minimise cannibalising the agency-business model.

Ampilot Responsive Web Design
Ampilot Mobile Web Design

Our Solution

The brand is a vibrant mix of powerful colours, designed to attract the target audience in an impactful way. The logo communicates the lively and fun nature of the brand and its service offering. As part of the branding exercise, we developed concepts for examples of its use, for instance, ID tags. Initially, Ampilot are testing the viability of the service and website with two cities; Cologne and Hamburg. Our web design is centred around the bright and energetic vibe of the brand with colourful CTAs. Destinations have their own landing page with a list of activities presented via teasers including “celebrate on the party ship”, “3D mini golf under black light”, or any of the other crazy adventures! 

Ampilot Logo
Ampilot Tag Design

Activities each have a landing page which present information on the experience - what it’s about, what is included and how it works. Users are presented with the option to “add” the activity to their itinerary, whilst a teaser block which presents other ideas that may be of interest. Pissup’s decision to segregate their offerings means that users can book flights and accommodation elsewhere yet build their itinerary of activities with Ampilot. Furthermore, the SEO for the new website is strongly aligned with stag-do activities, thus attracting new visitors organically.

Ampilot Responsive Web Design