CSI Media Interviewed for Umbraco & Sitecore Expertise

Recently, we shared that CSI Media was ranked a leading web designer in the UK by Clutch, a ratings and reviews platform. Following this recognition, Clutch reached out to interview us on our expertise in Umbraco and Sitecore development. We were excited about the opportunity to share our insights and connected them with our Systems Architect, Martin.

Content Editing Experience

Umbraco and Sitecore are both content management systems that allow marketers & content editors to manage the content of pages within the websites themselves, without having to approach an agency for simple text and image changes.

There are multiple features and functionalities to consider, but these days, marketers demand a flexible content editing experience that gives them great freedom when developing engaging online experiences.

Writing Content for a Website

Martin commented: “I do like Umbraco’s grid editor, which is a build-your-own-page tool. Rather than having a set area of text, users can choose to have text on the left and images on the right, or vice versa. They can include YouTube videos, single images, and image galleries. This is impressive, especially given that it’s an open-source platform. This functionality is being given away for free, which makes the entire package very impressive.”

Website Security

Furthermore, security is a hot topic in the media and a concern for many of our clients. Martin provides advice on what actions are necessary to maintain a secure web presence:

 “Organisations need to make sure that they are running under an SSL security certificate… Other than this, it’s important to make sure we’re up to date with updates from both Umbraco and Sitecore. They both rely heavily on third-party pieces of code, whether those are code written by Microsoft or other development companies, which are continuously releasing security updates and patches. Umbraco will roll those changes into their releases. Keeping on top of these is always beneficial.”

Being proactive and working with a team like ours will help to ensure your site’s security. In addition, it is important to think about how much control you want with the site.

CSI Media

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