Family Holiday Association - The Difference Made in 2018

The Family Holiday Association is the leading national charity dedicated to providing breaks and days out (kindly donated by accommodation providers, transport companies and tourist attractions) for children and their families coping with some of the toughest challenges life can bring. In 2018, Family Holiday Association managed to help 3,820 families enjoy a short break or day out.

Families are referred for a holiday, short break or day out by someone supporting them in a professional role for example, a teacher, social worker or health visitor. The process is supported by the bespoke software solution developed by CSI Media, where referrers can search for holidays and make applications on behalf of families. A bespoke back-office system enables the team at Family Holiday Association to manage, and review the progress of, applications and gather that all-important feedback on the difference it makes. John Kinnear, Head of Programmes, Family Holiday Association said, “We’ll be able to help even more families in 2019 thanks to the efficiencies brought about by the new system developed by CSI Media.”


Family Holiday Association Bespoke Software Solution Developed by CSI Media

All families are living on a low income and haven’t been able to enjoy a holiday for years. Here are some insights into the positive impact that the experiences and work done by Family Holiday Association has had on families:


  • 39% had a break together for the first time
  • 95% spend more time together
  • 91% are more optimistic about the future
  • 91% felt that they could cope better
  • 97% of children have had new experiences - 39% of children who went to the beach did so for the first time
Family Holiday Association - The Difference Made in 2018

2019 Applications

The Family Holiday Association is currently taking applications for breaks in 2019. Please visit the Referrers Area on their website for further details. If you are a tourism business who would like to get involved you can also visit the website or call them on 020 3117 0651. 

All figures provided by The Difference We Made in 2018, published by Family Holiday Association

Family Holiday Association - The Difference Made in 2018