Brochure Design

Here at CSI Media, we create custom-designed, high-quality brochures for print and digital.

Brochure Design

A well-designed brochure is the perfect introduction to your business. It can tell a story about your company history, showcase your products and services, and provide key information, eliminating the need for customers to have to scour your website or contact customer services.

A printed brochure offers a tangible resource to communicate your brand proposition to new and prospective customers, placing your brand in the palm of customers’ hands. Conversely, a digital brochure is a handy marketing tool that you can distribute to your mailing list, attach to sales enquiries, or add to your website as a downloadable resource for users.

Brochure Design for Legal Tech Company

Custom Design

We will assign a designated designer to your project who will work with you closely to understand your requirements for the brochure, its structure, style, and content. Each brand has its own, unique story - our Designers are committed to capturing your brand and message by creating a customised, original brochure design, communicating your key messages, values and USPs in a clear and engaging way.

Brochure Design for Travel Agent

Full Brochure Service

In addition to designing the brochure template itself, we can source suitable imagery, and create custom infographics and iconography for inclusion within the brochure. Furthermore, whilst clients usually provide brochure copy, we do offer a copywriting service should you require support with this. Finally, our service isn’t just about artwork design - we carefully consider the final product and provide tailored guidance on print specifications.

Brochure Design for Sport Company

Our Experience

Our team have over 10 years of experience in print design, during which time, we have designed brochures for companies across a diverse range of sectors including education, legal, sport, and tech.