Digital Design

Here at CSI Media, we understand the importance of high-quality digital design. We create custom icons and infographics that add that little touch of personality to websites, apps, and digital comms. We also design email templates, digital banners, and UI elements.


We highly recommend the implementation of iconography across webpages, email campaigns, apps and social media because they grab attention, reinforce your brand identity, encourage interaction and increase memorability. Our design team love to create eye-catching icons, and strategically place them for optimal engagement.

Iconography Design


Infographics are a visually engaging way of presenting data, concepts, and processes. 65% of the population are primarily visual learners and, therefore, infographics are effective in helping your users to understand information.

Digital Banners

We design digital banners for websites, social media, and paid advertising channels. We create both static and animated banners.

Digital Banner Design


Animations are an exciting, dynamic way to help add a bit of energy to your brand. Our front-end design and development team work closely to create high-quality custom animations that are visually impressive and work efficiently with your website.

Email Design

We design eye-catching email templates to promote your company, advertise products and services, or communicate special offers. You provide us with your message, and we design the template from scratch. We can source imagery and create custom graphics. Our UI Developers then build your email in HTML & CSS, ready for you to share with your recipients.

Email Design

Video Production

Our most creative and technical minds join forces to create high-quality, bespoke video, whether you're looking for a powerful documentary, an engaging e-learning resource or a descriptive tutorial.