Here at CSI Media, our team of designers and marketers have a proven track-record in developing memorable brands that effectively present your company to your target audience.


Logo design isn’t as simple as sticking an icon next to your name; when completed your logo needs to mean something, it needs to help communicate your vision and ethos. Your logo is green but why? We associate the colour green nature, balance and growth. What typeface do we use in your logo? The layout of the logo, the inclusion of other messaging such as slogans and iconography are key decisions.


Typography plays a key role in brand identity. We carefully choose a font that will help your brand communicate effectively. For example, if your brand was luxury, high end then we might choose a serif font and accompany this with a thin san serif typeface with increased letter spacing for headlines. Or, if your brand was promoting a fun and aimed at a family demographic we may opt to focus on a thicker more rounded font.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines are created after a branding exercise including logo design, artwork examples for adverts, tone of voice, imagery suggestions and examples, typography, colours. The guidelines are there to ensure that your branding across all of your services, departments and initiatives from web, social media, company literature, advertising and print is all consistent. The guidelines set out the do’s and the dont’s; how your logo can be displayed and how it can’t, what colours can it be, can it sit on a red background or only white and black, when displayed over an image who can it be used? The brand guidelines allow anyone creating any communication relating to your brand a consistent and efficient one.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is an integral part of your brand identity. A strong, consistent tone of voice engages people and breeds consumer confidence. The best evoke emotion. Do you want to convey professionalism, energy, excitement, seriousness or urgency? 


Branding goes far beyond a simple logo design but is how the logo, typography, choice of colours, tone of voice etc. come together to help your brand communicate consistently and effectively across all channels. As part of any branding exercise we provide examples of how your brand communicates over : 

Print such as Brochures, Leaflets etc.

Website providing examples of your brand across devices

Literature Company letter heads, invoices, business cards and compliment slips

Social Media providing social media assets for logo and cover photo and demonstrating post examples

Digital Providing examples of your brand communicating via banner adverts, sliders

Email Examples provided of suggestions for email template design

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