Cabot Credit Management

Cabot Credit Management (Cabot), a proud Encore Capital Group company, have 25 years’ experience in providing credit management services including debt purchasing, contingency collections, litigation, and business process outsourcing. As a European market leader, Cabot operate across several countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, and Portugal.

The Challenge

Cabot’s marketing team had prepared a project brief that included a ‘wishlist’ of requirements for the new website. This wishlist comprised several functions and UX improvements including a more user-friendly navigation, the flexibility to create various content pieces, and several security features.

Following a competitive tendering process, Cabot selected CSI Media to design and develop the new website.

Our Solution

We assigned a Designer with extensive experience in creating solutions for clients across the financial sector; the Designer worked closely with Cabot’s marketing team and - by following an iterative approach - produced modern concepts that met the requirements of Cabot’s internal stakeholders.

The website serves several external stakeholders: corporate clients, investors, potential employees, and a consumer audience and, therefore, the website accentuates a corporate feel, whilst a simple navigation and taxonomy was implemented to help users easily find information relevant to them.


Cabot Credit Management Umbraco Website
Cabot Credit Management Responsive Web Design

The website is built with the Umbraco content management system, as specified by Cabot in their brief.

As part of the design process, we created 14 custom content components including teasers, an accordion, text areas, a media block, and a table (to present financial information). Umbraco incorporates a ‘Page Builder’ tool which Cabot’s marketing team can use to build custom-layout pages by placing components in any order they wish. This allows Cabot to present their accreditations (key for companies in the finance sector), publish press releases, and convey Cabot’s value, by choosing the most suitable components for the type of content.

Finally, functionality-wise, the website includes a site search, a PDF download function, Azure authentication for Umbraco, and a news listing page where users can filter articles by category and date, both of which are assigned to articles by Cabot’s marketing team via Umbraco.

Cabot Credit Management Website Development
Cabot Credit Management Website