The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office

Founded in the 14th century, The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office is where hallmarking began. As the longest-running hallmarking service in the United Kingdom, The Goldsmiths’ Company have been testing and hallmarking precious metals for over 700 years and, in 1327, received the coveted royal charter.


The Challenge

The Goldsmiths’ Company appointed CSI Media to provide Umbraco maintenance for their existing, customer-facing website.

Our first major task was to re-design and develop the homepage and customer dashboard. Both areas were looking tired and were not particularly user-friendly: The UI required a more modern, mobile-focused approach, whilst the design needed to highlight the high-quality imagery which was neglected on the previous site.

Finally, using the customer dashboard was a cumbersome experience with endless scrolling and little structure. This needed a complete re-design.

A New Homepage

Google Analytics data suggested that users were not engaging with certain content on the homepage.

Therefore, our designer created a new, more succinct homepage with clearly defined sections to effectively present key content. Two new components, ‘Events’ and ‘News’, promote industry events and topical news articles respectively, boosting customer engagement and awareness.

The client requested a large text area in the slider. We created a solution whereby users are presented with a snippet of the article on the slider and - if they want to continue reading - a modal will display the whole article.

Goldsmiths Company Assay Office Website Homepage
Goldsmiths Company Assay Office Website Homepage

The New Customer Dashboard

Previously, everything in the Customer Dashboard was crammed into one page including Managing Marks, Delivery Address, Contact Information, and Login Details. This meant that users had to scroll a long-winded page, making for a protracted interaction.

Our designer separated the different sections into their own dedicated pages. These pages are presented via a new menu, making it easy for users to find the relevant section straight away.

Finally, the Customer Dashboard has been designed in a modular way to allow for additional functionality and pages to be added in the future, as and when required by The Goldsmiths' Company.

Goldsmiths Company Assay Office Website Dashboard
Goldsmiths Company Assay Office Mobile Designs