CaptoCV is an international IT recruitment specialist with 26 years’ experience in sourcing highly skilled IT professionals. With offices in the UK and Germany, CaptoCV help to source specialists in Software Development, Big Data, and Security, for companies across Europe.

The Challenge

CaptoCV have assembled a large bank of CVs for IT specialists, all of which have been verified via an intense vetting process to ensure that only high-quality IT personnel with strong skillsets, proficiency, and experience are included.

It can be challenging for companies to find and hire IT specialists; sourcing the right person with the required experience and skillset can be a time-consuming, expensive process. Therefore, CaptoCV wanted to provide a solution for these companies by offering direct access to their enviable pool of CVs, and so they devised an idea for a new digital platform.

The new platform would reinvigorate the recruitment process for both employers and IT specialists, helping to match high-quality candidates with exciting opportunities in tech. It needed to incorporate functionality for multiple parties; companies looking to recruit, IT candidates looking for new opportunities, and the management team at Universe Technology.

CaptoCV Web Development Project

Our Solution

We carefully designed a UI that has a corporate feel and modern edge, reflecting the technological nature of the service. Shades of blue combine with areas of negative space to accentuate key information, whilst our design team incorporated sharp call-to-actions with animated buttons and hover effects for extra finesse.

The new web application is built with Umbraco, an industry-leading content management and membership system, which has been customised to meet CaptoCV's specific requirements.

Companies looking to recruit can sign up for monthly membership packages that include a set number of job postings, access to the bank of high-quality IT candidates, a specified number of CV downloads, employer awareness tools, plus direct recruitment support. IT specialists looking for a new position can upload their CV, search and apply for jobs. Membership packages are set up in the back-office admin by the CaptoCV team, who can also create marketing landing pages to promote the new platform and its features.

CaptoCV Website Company Dashboard
CaptoCV Tech Candidates
CaptoCV Find a Job

The new, innovative system also incorporates multilingual functionality to support the client’s European operations. This enables the team at CaptoCV to upload variations of content for the different countries and languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Finally, in conjunction with the development project, we designed the brand identity for CaptoCV; this included a logo design, typography, and colour scheme.

CaptoCV Website Functionality Search for Candidates