PACK45, a new training regime launched by easyGym, is the ultimate team-based workout experience. There are seven 45-minute routines designed to push subjects' bodies to their limits; Alpha, Sentinel, Assassin, Warrior Hunter, Scout, and Omega. Initially, the regime will be available at three gyms; Slough, Bradford, and West Brom.

The Challenge

Following our development of easyGym’s new website, the digital team at easyGym approached us to design and develop a website for the fresh and exciting concept, PACK45.

As a new service, PACK45 needed a big marketing push to give the brand exposure, tell people what it’s about, and, ultimately, get people to try it out. The website would play a leading role in PACK45’s marketing strategy and encouraging people to sign up.

PACK45 Stretching
PACK45 Medicine Ball

Our Solution

Adopting a mobile-first approach, our designers set about developing responsive concepts for the new website. We embedded a large video area on the homepage for an instant visual impact, and to immerse users in the PACK experience.

We combined sharp colours with bold call to actions throughout the design. The iconic orange, black and white colour scheme retains the spirit of the easyGym brand whilst enforcing the energy of PACK45. One example is the bright orange buttons, where users are invited to JOIN THE PACK. The design is clean with defined spacing between different content elements, making it easy for users to comprehend key information including the training regimes, the benefits, locations and how it works.

Pack45 Umbraco Website Development by CSI Media in Cheshire
PACK45 Umbraco Website

We developed the original easyGym website on Umbraco, matching their requirements to the most suitable CMS platform. Since this, the team at easyGym have decided to move all their websites over to Umbraco, citing its flexibility, usability and SEO performance. PACK45’s Umbraco platform incorporates the popular Page Builder tool, allowing the team to create unique landing pages by placing content blocks in any order they wish.

easyGym hope to roll out PACK45 across all easyGym sites in the UK soon.

PACK45 Responsive Mobile Website
PACK45 Umbraco Website Developed by CSI Media