Smith & Sinclair

Specialising in alcohol-based confectionery, Smith & Sinclair is an innovative venture with a disruptively different product. Their boozy delights include Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies, Edible Fragrance and our personal favourite, the mouth-wateringly yummy Double Dipper feat. Prosecco Lollipops and Raspberry Sherbet. Perfect for a marvellously unique gift or indulgent treat!

The Challenge

Smith & Sinclair were looking for an experienced Umbraco agency to provide ongoing support, maintenance and implement custom developments for their website. The website is built on the Umbraco platform and integrates with a Merchello e-commerce store, enabling users to purchase boozy confectionery online. As an Umbraco Gold Partner with a team of .NET developers, CSI Media were appointed by Smith & Sinclair to maintain the website.

Smith & Sinclair Umbraco Website Maintenance Supported by CSI Media in Cheshire

Custom Developments

Since inheriting the website just before Christmas 2018, we have developed and implemented multiple changes. One change includes a new banner component for the homepage, where the marketing team can add custom promo messages, for example, “Free Standard UK Delivery on All Orders Over £30” or "Free Fizz With Every Order Over £15". A further change is the configuration of a rule in Merchello so that free delivery is automatically applied to all orders with a value of £30+.

Smith & Sinclair Boozy Confections
Smith & Sinclair The Double Dipper Alcohol Confectionery

Order Data

Smith & Sinclair required an urgent solution to connect the website to their pre-existing Warehouse Management System prior to Christmas, the busiest period of the trading year. Previously, orders had been sent manually to the warehouse. The new automated solution alleviates a huge bottleneck in the distribution process, improving overall efficiency and ensuring that customers receive their orders in a timely manner. We continue to provide support for Smith & Sinclair with custom development updates when required - one of many Umbraco clients whom we support with ongoing maintenance.

Smith & Sinclair Umbraco Website Maintenance by CSI Media in Cheshire
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