The Director's Choice

X Twenty Nine have over 10 years’ experience in helping directors of limited companies on matters relating to business finance, insolvency, restructuring and funding. They conceived a new idea, The Director’s Choice, to help Directors of small and medium-sized businesses find support across key business areas.

The Challenge

Considering our experience in delivering bespoke solutions for companies across the professional services industry, X Twenty Nine appointed CSI Media to deliver the new website. The client wanted a vibrant, modern platform that effectively supported their SEO strategy.

The Solution

The design phase involved close collaboration with the client; the UI is colourful and features subtle hover effects, whilst we created custom graphics to enhance the look and feel of the website.

Directors of SME companies can conduct searches for companies that specialise in specific service areas, for example, ‘Business Funding’ or ‘Marketing’. A panel of verified service providers (partners) is returned for Directors to review, compare, and choose based on their requirements.

For insolvency services, the search criteria is more advanced. Directors are required to complete the ‘Insolvency Wizard’, a tool that requests information relating to the business and its current situation. The system recommends insolvency partners by calculating a % match between a customer’s requirements and partners’ expertise, thus ensuring that Directors receive the best support they can.

The Director's Choice Website Search Results Page
The Director's Choice Website Design Enquiries

Partners can sign in to review a list of enquiries their company has received, whilst customers can sign in to review their previous searches.

The system is built in Umbraco, a content management system that gives X Twenty Nine the flexibility to create custom landing pages via a Page Builder tool. They can add any combination of the 11 custom-designed components, and place them in any order you wish on your page via drag and drop function. This facilitates the creation of unique services pages.

Furthermore, X Twenty Nine can provide insightful support and guidance to Directors by producing custom blog articles; published examples include “what is an insolvency practitioner” and “why use a marketing strategy”, which also help to support the client’s onsite SEO performance.

The Director's Choice Wizard Functionality
The Director's Choice Website Mobile Design
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