InfoTrack is a legal tech company based in London. They provide an award-winning software solution that digitises the entire conveyancing process to deliver a unified platform, streamlining the way law firms operate.

The Challenge

InfoTrack had been a client of CSI Media’s for almost three years. During this period, we delivered an Umbraco integration and custom development for their main, customer-facing website. However, the website had started to feel dated from a design perspective, whilst InfoTrack’s marketing team were limited by the website’s UI and content capabilities - they were unable to effectively communicate the ‘all-in-one’ nature of their legal software, how it can support conveyancing firms, nor present the software’s advanced features.

Furthermore, we conducted a Website Audit exercise where we identified several UX and technical issues. The findings from the audit led us to the conclusion that a new website was required, following which, InfoTrack appointed CSI Media to re-design and develop website.

Our Solution

Our Design team began the new website project by reviewing the findings from the UX audit, and conducting requirements’ gathering sessions with the client’s marketing team.

The previous UI was cluttered and confusing, so we focused on designing a clean UI to help users easily navigate the website and digest information on services’ landing pages. The design reflects the legal nature of the brand and incorporates carefully implemented hovers and smooth transitions, supporting the modern, technological positioning of the brand and its product.

Several user experience problems were addressed as part of the design process. For example, we created a new component which - when a user “adds” a brochure to download - fixes to the bottom of the viewport, almost like a permanent basket. This enables users to effortlessly select brochures, case studies and whitepapers as they navigate through the website, and acts as a reminder to download when they are ready.

The new website incorporates the latest technical best practices in accordance with Core Web Vitals, helping to provide a seamless user experience and support InfoTrack from a technical SEO perspective.

Finally, we created 22 custom components - the website is built with the Umbraco CMS and incorporates a Page Builder tool that allows content editors to create unique landing pages by placing these components in any order they wish. This supports InfoTrack’s marketing team in effectively presenting the software, and how its many features can facilitate law firms by completing all conveyancing tasks in one place.