The Tyde Group

The Tyde Group aim to bring choice and transparency to the funeral industry by offering a solution to make the process of arranging a funeral easier, fairer, and more affordable for everyone.

The Challenge

Following a competitive tendering process, The Tyde Group appointed CSI to design and develop a new website that would allow users to browse, create, package, and pay for a funeral.

Researching and organising a funeral can be a sensitive and stressful time; therefore, Tyde emphasised that the website must incorporate simple user flows, enabling people to arrange a funeral easily and efficiently.

Our Solution

There are two options for users when choosing a funeral: a traditional funeral, or direct cremation. A direct cremation is a predetermined package with a fixed price, and booking can be completed via the website within a few minutes.

The traditional funeral, however, is an attended service at a crematorium. Starting with a location search for a suitable crematorium, the user chooses their funeral preferences via a simple step-by-step Booking Wizard: the day, the coffin, and optional extras including flowers, transport to the crematorium, and who leads the service. All screens were customed designed by our UX Designers, whilst a design system was established to ensure consistency across the platform.

Once the user has made their selections, they are prompted to register for an account and make payment - the website integrates with Stripe, a leading payment platform – for seamless, secure bookings.

The Tyde Group Mobile Web Design
The Tyde Group E-Commerce Website

Customer Portal

Upon placing their booking, users are granted access to a portal where they can complete all the relevant paperwork, view their booking, and request any changes.

They can also create an obituary and publish it to the website, with details of the funeral arrangements, and space for family and friends to leave messages of condolence. Furthermore, the organiser can request donations.

Content Management

Tyde’s marketing team manage content on the website via the Umbraco content management system, an enterprise-level platform designed for custom web solutions.

They can create and publish landing pages with custom layouts - there is an About page, pages dedicated to explaining the different funeral options, and advice pages to support people during the process, for example, “arranging a funeral”, and “what happens on the day of a funeral?”. These pages are built via Umbraco’s Page Builder tool which allows Tyde to add any combination of components – all of which were designed specifically by us for the Tyde website – in any order they wish.

Finally, Tyde set up the different product types (crematoriums, coffins, flowers), and load their individual variations via the Umbraco CMS – these can be published directly to the website for selection by the user.

The Tyde Group Website Design
The Tyde Group Website Development