CSI Media perform upgrades on existing Umbraco 8 solutions. If you’re looking to upgrade your Umbraco 8 website or portal to the latest version of Umbraco, we can help.

Umbraco 8 End-of-Life

Umbraco 8’s End-of-Life is February 2025. In the software world, ‘End-of-Life’ refers to a stage in the software lifecycle when the software is no longer supported by the software developer (in this case, Umbraco).

Umbraco have already ceased bug fixes and performance enhancements for Umbraco 8, however, when we reach February 2025, Umbraco will no longer provide fixes for critical security issues that may arise, and so there is a heightened security vulnerability to your company.

Find answers to FAQs concerning Umbraco 8’s end-of-life in our helpful blog article:

Our Umbraco Experience

CSI Media is one of the UK's most experienced Umbraco Gold Partners: since becoming an Umbraco 11 years ago, we have developed over 125 Umbraco solutions.

Our experience spans a diverse range of solutions from Umbraco brochure websites to full-scale web applications with custom functionality and integrations. Furthermore, we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across pretty much every industry imaginable including automotive, legal, manufacturing, retail, security, sport, and travel.

Umbraco Gold Partner with 11 Years' Umbraco experience, who have delivered over 125 Umbraco solutions

Umbraco Upgrade Process

We have considerable experience in managing the upgrade process; our team has upgraded several Umbraco 8 solutions and over 20 Umbraco 7 systems.

CSI Media inherit Umbraco solutions developed by in-house teams and other digital agencies, so our team will support you in making the migration as seamless as possible.

As part of the upgrade process, we will perform the upgrade itself, associated testing, and build management. If you would like to re-design your website as part of the upgrade project, we have a specialist Design & UX team too.

Finally, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will guide you throughout the process - from start to finish - and advise you on tasks that need to be completed by you, for example, User Acceptance Testing.

Umbraco 8 Upgrade Process

The Cost & Timeline

Firstly, an Umbraco upgrade is a significant piece of work that you should expect to take several months.

As each website & application is unique, there is not a pre-defined cost and timeline for Umbraco upgrades. Instead, we will review each Umbraco project and size the task accordingly. Factors that determine the cost and timeline include the number of unique pages and components, the system’s functionality, third-party software integrations, and whether you wish to refresh the design.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements in further detail.