Brand Guidelines

As one of Cheshire’s leading branding agencies, we love creating new brands and evolving existing ones. As part of our branding service, we create brand guidelines for you and your key stakeholders to follow.

What Are Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines define the key elements or ‘assets’ of a brand’s identity, for example, your company logo, typography, and colours. The guidelines will document the principal rules and instructions surrounding the use of these assets, for example, the spacing requirements for a logo to help achieve a congruent, consistent brand identity across all touchpoints: - the ‘dos’, ‘do nots’, and ideal scenarios.

Brand Guidelines

A consistent brand identity helps to develop a strong brand image by providing clarity for customers/employees, communicating professionalism, and building trust. It can be difficult to maintain a consistent, up-to-date brand identity, particularly when there are multiple stakeholders involved in the production, management, and distribution of marketing and sale’ materials. This is where brand guidelines can help.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are the ‘master’ guidelines. They can be distributed to all internal and external stakeholders for reference, to ensure a coherent and consistent brand identity across all touchpoints.

Brand Guidelines

What Do Brand Guidelines Include?

Logo Use

  • Acceptable variations
  • Minimum sizes
  • Spacing
  • Forbidden modifications for e.g., rotations
  • Where logos can be used


Colour Scheme

  • Primary colour palette
  • Secondary colour palette
  • CMYK, RGG & Hex colour codes



  • Main font
  • Secondary font/s
  • Font for main headings, sub-headings, body copy, and signatures


  • Examples of appropriate images and any styling edits
  • Image settings, for e.g., saturation, focus, blur, etc.


UI Elements

  • Button properties (font-size, padding and border radius)
  • Styling for pills, pins, input elements, and ‘favourites’


Tone of Voice

  • Primary tone/s
  • Secondary tone/s
  • Keywords
  • Blacklisted words
  • House style, for e.g., date formatting, telephone numbers, capitalisation.