My Candy Cloud

My Candy Cloud is a family-run confectionery business that sell a yummy variety of mouth-watering treats. There are sweet jars, candy cones and bouquets packed with all your tasty favourites - the ideal indulgent treat or perfect gift for someone special. Scrumdiddlyumptious!

The Challenge

Established in 2018, My Candy Cloud is very much in its infancy and thus needed a vibrant brand to stand out in a super-competitive market. They felt that their current branding was not exciting or vibrant enough, and didn’t align with their future vision for the brand. Therefore, the team at My Candy Cloud approached us to deliver a new brand identity from scratch. My Candy Cloud also required an e-commerce website where users could purchase products.

My Candy Cloud WordPress Website Design

The Brand

We began by exploring the competitive landscape and analysing the branding of other confectionery companies. Our analyses unwrapped a surprising observation: the branding and packaging was often lacking that ‘magical’ vibe. We wanted to captivate people with our visual identity, and create that ‘WOW’ moment...

My Candy Cloud Merchandise Design
My Candy Cloud Merchandise Design
My Candy Cloud Merchandise Design

Our designers started by experimenting with brightly coloured patterns and illustrations of tangled sweets tessellating together inside of a bag. These patterns form the heart of the visuals and are used across the identity.

The pattern is carried through to the seasonal nature of the products and allows for different coloured patterns to be created for different occasions – pink for Valentine’s Day, and green and red for Christmas.

My Candy Cloud ID Tags Design
My Candy Cloud Business Cards

E-Commerce Website

Our aim was to replicate the awe, excitement and indulgence you feel when you walk into a sweet shop in a digital experience. The design team considered a selection of WordPress commerce themes and chose one that met the My Candy Cloud’s business requirements. We optimised the theme by applying custom styling changes so that the website aligned with our new and colourful identity.

We integrated the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin - an online shop where users can choose from and buy a selection of yummy treats. The website also acts as a marketing tool to help propel the new brand and generate sales.

My Candy Cloud WordPress Web Design on Mobile
My Candy Cloud Logo Design
My Candy Cloud Logo Design
My Candy Cloud Logo Design