Travel Booking System

CSI Media specialise in the development of travel booking systems - we have developed custom solutions for some of the UK’s biggest travel companies. Contact us to discuss your next travel project.

Travel Booking Systems

Our travel technology solutions have processed over £1 billion worth of transactions worldwide. We use the latest technologies and approaches to develop a fully custom travel booking system tailored to your specific requirements. View our new travel booking system built with the latest technologies in our Hovertravel case study:

Travel Website Design

CSI Media design and develop stunning websites with booking functionality, either as part of a new travel booking system, or as a standalone project. We work with the latest CMS platforms including Umbraco, Sitecore and Magento, and adopt the latest coding methods to ensure optimal performance from a UX and SEO perspective.

Back-Office Admin

As part of our travel offering, we develop custom travel portals where your team can manage orders, ticketing, customer records and product inventory.

Travel Portal Development for Back Office Admin

Booking Functionality

We develop anything from basic booking solutions through to more advanced booking systems that include complex functionality with various rules and parameters. We can integrate the technology with your existing website and other internal systems. Furthermore, we can integrate with your EPOS till system. This enables customer service teams on the ground to create and print tickets via cashier booking screens.

Ticket Booking Functionality on a Travel Booking System
Travel Booking System Developed by CSI Media for Abbey Ireland & UK

Data Sources & Product Feeds

The best dynamic packaging systems incorporate new sources of data rapidly, meaning you can take advantage of new product feeds for hotels, flights and other products - so you can get them on the market quickly. This also enables customers to start buying immediately without you having to suffer from any down time.

Microservices Approach

Here are CSI Media, we adopt a Microservices approach to large-scale travel solutions. Microservices is a modern approach to system architecture that structures an application as a collection of services that are independent to one another. We have recently developed over 100 travel-related services including reporting, booking and pricing services. The services can be adapted and extended for your specific requirements.