Umbraco 8 is the latest version of the popular Umbraco CMS platform. As an Umbraco Gold Partner, we are excited to be working with Umbraco 8 on the design and development of new websites. We also continue to offer web design, development and maintenance for previous versions of Umbraco.

Umbraco 8 - New Features

Please see below for three new features on Umbraco 8. For a more detailed insight, you can read our blog article, What's New in Umbraco 8?

Content Apps

Content Apps is a new feature designed to enhance the content-editing experience.

With Content Apps, content editors can access contextual information related to the page they are working with. This could be anything from analytics’ data for the page, page speed performance, meta data audits, or even conversion data. Here at CSI, we can advise on suitable apps, develop and integrate them for you.

Infinite Editing

For those familiar with Umbraco, you’ll know that it is a super user-friendly CMS. With Umbraco 8, managing your content is now even simpler. The UI has been re-designed, meaning that content editors can edit pieces of content and media in one place, without having to navigate to a different area of the admin.

For example, if you want to edit an image on a specific page, you can now do that from the page itself without having to navigate to the Media library, making content management smoother and more efficient.

Language Variants

Umbraco 8 introduces a new native feature called language variants. This is an excellent tool that is invaluable if you operate across regions with different languages. Your content editors will be able to create variations of the same page in different languages, and easily switch between these variations when editing.

For example, you could have the English and German version side-by-side, helping to make sure that content is consistent.

Umbraco Upgrades

The end-of-life for Umbraco 7 is September 2023 and so it is strongly recommended that all companies using Umbraco 7 upgrade to a later version of Umbraco as Umbraco will no longer provide fixes for security issues that may arise. We are advising our clients to start the process by Q3 2022 at the latest.

Umbraco 8's end-of-life is February 2025 - you should be looking to start the process of upgrading from version 8 by the end of 2023.

CSI Media have extensive experience in upgrading Umbraco solutions built by other agencies, whether you're looking for a straight upgrade or a complete re-design, we can help.